The 7 Women with the Best Boobs in Hollywood

When it comes to celebrity boobs, both men and women enjoy staring at those melons. But, not every person will admit that they do that. Well, staring at celebrity melons is something that you would truly enjoy. Yes, the tits of celebrities sometimes look more attractive and sexy than the tits of the pornstars in the industry. Yes, the Hollywood industry has some celebrities with big boobs who can challenge the boobs of many porn stars in the porn industry. That is why many porn sites will have videos of naked selfies of Hollywood celebrities. Many people follow certain celebrities because they have amazing boobs. And, when you see the boobs of those celebrities, you will also want to follow them. Now, you might be wondering which of these celebrities are with terrific boobs. You might have seen them already but haven’t noticed them in this manner. After reading this article, when you see these 7 celebrities on the screen, your eyes will go straight to their boobs. Yes, their boobs are too hot to take your eyes off. So, here are those celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

It is hard to forget the character of Rachael that Jennifer played in the popular sitcom Friends. If you haven’t watched it on TV a couple of decades back, you can now watch it on the internet. She was hot as Rachael and many people started following her because of that character. You can see many of her nudes now on the internet where her boobs look amazing.

Demi Lovato

One of the best things about Demi apart from her voice is her stunning personality. She is never shying away to show her cleavage and she truly has a hot body to be proud of. And, her breasts are amazing to stare at. Look, if you want to see the breast of Demi, you will find it easily on the internet. But, the size and the shape of her breasts will keep you staring at them.

Emma Watson

Everyone first saw Emma Watson in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001. She was just 10 when starred in that movie. But, nobody knew back then, this little girl would end up being one of the hottest girls in Hollywood. Yes, she has developed a beautiful pair of breasts and her booty looks amazing too. The nudes of Emma are one of the most in-demand things on the internet.

Penelope Cruz

There is no doubt that Penelope is one of the cutest celebrities in Hollywood. You will surely get mesmerised by her amazing looks. But, when you drop your focus from her face to her breasts, you just can’t but keep staring at those melons. She probably has the most wonderfully shaped boobs in Hollywood. When you see her topless in many movies, you will become a fan of her.

Selena Gomez

Selena is an amazing singer there is no doubt about it. But, apart from her singing talent, she has an amazing body that has made her a fan favourite. People love to watch her on the screen because of her sexy body and one thing that stands out in her hot body has to be her fantastic breasts.


It is hard to find a person who would not like the voice of Rihanna. Apart from that, she also has a very good on-screen presence. Most of her music videos are so intense that you will be encapsulated to watch them. One thing that you cannot ignore while watching Rihanna on the screen is her voluptuous breasts. Yes, her breasts are truly stunning.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. She has a beautiful voice along with her gorgeous face. But, if you see most of her videos, you will notice how beautiful her breasts are. Also, when she makes public appearances, people like to stare at her booty which is terrific to look at as well.